Change from Customer Service to an Unforgettable Experience

I have been asked to present tomorrow for one of the CI Change event at The Grand Jersey, which I was very honored to be asked; CI Change is a not-for-profit forum for ideas and discussion, about all aspects of Change Management, including people, processes, teams and leadership. It is a place to share and exchange models, papers, ideas and information about change.

I was thinking how can I make this presentation as useful as possible? what can businesses take out of this presentation and put into practice straight away? So I came up with 10 helpful tips on how to start changing from providing a service to providing and unforgettable experience.

Customers expectations’ have changed, “Most people believe they receive inadequate customer service from most companies today”, according to the

I think the key to success is to establish a real service culture throughout the whole of the business, a shared purpose where everyone is focused on creating value for others inside and outside the organization. This is about looking after your internal customers just as much as your external customers, making them feel valued, putting them in the middle of every process and every decision that is made.

Then you can exceed your customers’ expectations, then you will be able to deliver an unforgettable experience, not just once but consistently deliver exceptional service will enable you to build loyalty and loyalty is the most influential element driving purchase decision today.

So if you want to know more, and take your 10 tips to create an unforgettable experience there are still spaces, but you need to BOOK NOW…

ready for change

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