“Who knows you?”

WOW, what a week ending Friday 13th and a full moon… I knew it was going to be a buzzing week but it actually exceeded my expectations.

The week included exhibiting at the B2B event organised by Julie Settle from Effective Communication and Jersey Business, included a new customer, included meeting Mr Network, Andy Lopata, and ending with the Jersey Enterprise Awards.

When I started the business 5 years ago, all I wanted to do was talk to people about what I was doing. I believed that my only way to really get the word out-there about Mystery Shopping wasn’t sending emails or cold calling people but talking and sharing my passion about customer service with people.

A few years later, I read a book from Simon Sinek which says; “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, which was exactly it, all I wanted to do was engage with people and get them to share my passion.

I therefore started to attend every possible events which was organised on the island. I spent so much time just talking to people and one day I had a call to do a job. This was an exciting time, we did a great project with that company and one of the company’s directors was on the board of another company and guess what? a few weeks later, I had another call, and that’s how it all started; I got my first referral.

From that day onward, I realised the power of networking, the power of engaging with people, doesn’t matter where, who, when, I just wanted to share my passion with people about what I did and get connected.

So this week, Andy Lopata, was in Jersey and his presentation kept me smiling and I kept thinking “wahoo, this is great,  I am on the right track, this is exactly what I do, this is what we are trying to do with The Hive“, by creating a local online platform to promote referrals, share ideas, network, network, network.

Andy’s three KNP (key network performances) are:

  • Be better Connected
  • Be better Equipped
  • Be better known

You will have to buy his book to get all of his tips and trick, I am lucky to have won a copy of his latest book “…and death came third!” and have it dedicated to the Busy Queen Bee, what a privilege. His last words which really keep ringing in my ears; “the real value of networking isn’t who you know, it is who knows you!” Very powerful 3 words.

So, Friday 13th June, Jersey Enterprise night, one of Jersey’s most prestigious events, with an attendance of 700 people. I was this year honoured to have been one of the finalists for the Small & Medium Business award, which went with great applause to Rok Construction.

Disappointed not to have won? Well, I had my business promoted in front of 700 people, I took around 50 selfies with people who have supported me for the last 5 years, I spent 7hrs talking, laughing, connecting. It was a fabulous night and I was in such a “Buzz” to be surrounded by so many successful and inspiring local businesses and to be part of them was my real reward.

Jersey may be small, but the more we can do referrals and work together, just like the Beehive, the better the island economy will be…



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