“Bee 2 Bee”

The Queen Bee is like a goddess: her entire life is committed to be in full service of the Hive and the colony. The reality is if the Honey Bees were not in service of our eco-system, collecting pollen and transferring it from flowers to flowers, we would have a difficult time growing fruits and vegetables!

Here is how the cycle works; the pollen grains from the male part of the flower, “the anther” sticks to the bee, which is transferred to the female parts of the flower, called “the Stigma”, et voila, the magic happen and fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees… can grow.

I was first introduced to the concept of “givers gain” a couple of years ago, another one of those words that I don’t get straight away, so I listened to the conversation and when I got home I did some research.

Givers gain is a philosophy by BNI Founder, Dr. Ivan Misner that is when people help others, they gain more out of the experience than the person they are helping.

A couple of interesting things happen when you give a referral:

– The first one is that the recipient is likely to go out of their way to reciprocate. Meaning that they will become highly attuned to opportunities that would be a good fit for the person who gave them a referral. This is known as the law of reciprocity.

– The second thing that happens is the universe bends to make sure that those who do good have good done unto them. If you give a referral to someone, it increases the odds that you will receive one from a totally different source.

So just like the Bees who helping each other pollinating our planet  how could we, in our small island, also help each other? this is why we are creating The Hive.

Our very own local online Business forum, which will be launched tomorrow.

We wanted to create a platform where like-minded people could share, network and help each other, there will be events organised, referral scheme, a perfect place to do business and increase your network circle.

Check out The Hive page for more details and become a member of The Hive today, or actually tomorrow…

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