“Bee Sensational”

Bees are sensational, not only do they make honey but they also make our world a better place. They are so proud of what they do, that their life mission is for the good of the hive and nothing else.

I am not saying that we should be completely devoted to our place of work day and night, 24/7, but we spend 8-10 hours per day at work if not more, so surely you need to enjoy what you do. “Bee sensational” it is feeling good about yourself, it is being proud for who you work. If you are sensational you will take people with you, because positive behaviour breeds positive behaviour, so not only will you be sensational but others around you will too.

Providing good Customer service isn’t rocket science, it is about basic politeness, respect for others, and sharing the passion with other people of what you do, whether it is making a cup of coffee or walking around a museum.

Funny, I am writing this blog this morning, as I was doing a little research someone else had the same idea, love that blog from Doug Dickerson today. Being proud of what you do and who you work for will enhance your performances; you will be more engaged with your external and internal customers, you will tend to work more quickly and efficiently, and you will be more driven to try and promote your organisation and to develop your products and services to offer something with real value for the end user.

So, you change your organisation’s service culture by “Being Sensational”.


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