A small Island with a Big Heart

Friday, I attended The International Women’s Day Breakfast event in aid of The Women’s Refuge, the room was full with almost 200 women supporting this incredible charity. The event was also rewarding a very special woman and this year Joanne Nash who set up ‘Philip’s Footsteps’, a charity that helps parents come to terms with the loss of a baby, won Inspirational Woman of Year 2014 for all her amazing work this year.

On Saturday, I attended another Charity event By Invitation Only, organised by Emma Nash, who has been running this special ladies only lunch for the last 6 years and has raisen over £35000 in aid of Jersey Teenage Cancer Trust and Jersey Hospice Care. During the lunch, we raised over £6000 which is an incredible amount of money and will help with the Special Teenage Unit in Southampton where our local teenagers can get treatments and feel as if they can still have a teenage life.

I felt very emotional listening to the speakers and so proud to be part of this little Island that has such a big heart. Last week I was talking about fulfillment, about feeling complete and feeling good and happy, but fulfillment is also when you do something for someone else, working as a community working together, doing something for other people without expecting anything in return is: generosity.

Dopamine is that little neurotransmitter, that chemical messenger who transmit a signal in the brain when you are happy, when have just won a contract, when you have just won the lottery, or you have done something for somebody, it is that feeling you can’t stop smiling; your heart is racing and you know it feels soooo good.

So, being generous and looking out for each other is designed to make you feel good, making it about them and not about you, so think about something you could be doing for someone else; it could just be making a cup of coffee or buying cakes for your work colleagues today, or contacting one of our local charity and give a couple of hours of your time. It will be so precious to them and you will feel so proud and so happy to have given something to someone who so needs it.

big heart

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