Last week, as it was Half Term, I took my 2 kids to London. It had been ages and ages that they had been saying: when can we go to London? You go all the time for work and we have never been!! So, for Christmas, I booked us 3 to go. Luc is now 15 and Gabrielle is 11, so it’s a good age, when you can walk around and appreciate things without the constant: are we there yet?? They were so excited when I gave them the little envelope with a photo of London that every day since Christmas, we had been talking about what we were going to do, and what we were going to see.

So, finally last Tuesday we jumped on the plane and spent the most amazing 3 days in London. We went to see Wicked, we went to Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, the London Eye, and off course we shopped until we dropped… funny how my 2 love shopping, I wonder where they get that from??

Spending this special time with them was incredible and it made me realised what fulfillment feels like, now, at this moment in my life I feel fulfilled. I have 2 amazing children, a lovely house, and I run my own business which is doing amazingly. I have accomplished my life’s biggest goal; the perfect balance between being a successful businesswoman and being a great mum, be free to make my own decisions at all times.

I was reading KateNorthrup blog yesterday and she said “if you really want freedom, the best way I know to create it, is to start a business”. And I couldn’t agree more with her. Setting up my business 5 years ago in the middle of the recession, was mad, and enough people told me not to do it… but I just had to, being a single mum, I had to manage my time by doing something I am passionate about “Customer Service” and be there for my children. I can’t say it has been easy every day, being a small business you often learn by your mistakes, but I can now say it is the best decision I have ever made in my life.

So today’s blog is nothing to do with my usual Bees, or Customer Experience, or Market Research, it is more about wanting to inspire other women to take the plunge; to set yourself free, to reach for your dream and if you really want it and you are passionate about it, I am certain that just like moi… you can make it happen!

So go on, BEE FULFILLED, take the first step and start dreaming, where could I be in 5 years’ time if I set up my own business??

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