“Bee Genuinely interested in your customers’ needs”

This week has been marked for me by 2 separate events which made me feel so under-valued as a customer that I wanted to remind you the incredible importance on how your employees’ actions and behavior can create an unforgettable experience or one you wish you never had.

First, I was actually performing a Mystery Shopping visit, the visit wasn’t great to start with but it became worse when the 2 assistants in the shop went in the back office and started talking about me. OK you may call me paranoid, and admittedly I didn’t confront them on what they were talking about, as I was “on duty”, but once the 2 assistants re-appeared in the shop laughing, all I wanted to do was leave the shop, promised myself never to go back and felt so embarrassed about the whole experience.

My second experience of the week was, that I very much felt that I was completely done wrong by. Perhaps because of my lack of knowledge in that sector or perhaps because I am a woman, I felt I had been taken for a ride and that they used my good nature of trusting people. This is another experience, which I will certainly learn from and won’t be as trusting in the future when dealing with that industry.

Sales success does not come from convincing people to buy things they do not want. It is about genuinely caring for its customer and what’s in it for them. How can they actually provide the best product or service which will make their customers think, “wahoo you know what?? This employee was genuinely interested in me and my needs and I will come back here and recommend them to all my friends and family, because I truly believed the employee sold me what was best for me.”

So, teaching your employees some genuine selling techniques will provide your customers with an unforgettable experience, one that they too, want to share with their friends and family, and make them become your advocates, free advertising isn’t bad!!

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