“Bee clear and act now!”

Last week, my last question was:

  •       What do you think you should then do with Mystery Shopping results?

Well, the quick and short answer is, ACT on it!! If you are going into all the effort to set up a Mystery Shopping project, looking at the objectives, setting the questionnaire,  getting your manager to be fully behind the programme, making sure the employees are aware of what is required of them, well you then need to shout out, out loud when the results arrive, share them and act on them.

The visibility of the results are crucial for any programme to work, if you try to hide something from your employees, they will start to be suspicious and that’s when you will lose their trust as they may start to think; What have I done wrong? Am I going to get in trouble? Ect…

So, if you want to run a Mystery Shopping programme as successfully as the Bees run their Hive, please take a couple of lessons from them:

  1. First

Have clear goals in place for your programme; in the beehive, all bees need to know how much pollen need to be taken per day, and the honey stores needs to be built up to certain levels before the temperature turns cold. So make sure you have comprehensive targets for your employees.

  1. Second

Always analyse the results, look at the gaps between where you are and where you would like to be.

  1. Third

Create an action plan, “Bee Smart” and define accountability; each bee has a specific task and is responsible for carrying it out, however in reality this just isn’t as simple; setting and communicating goals isn’t enough. To truly achieve alignment and ensure success, you need to make everyone accountable. So build regular reporting and status updates into your Customer Service goal management and performance management process. Everyone, up and down the reporting chain, including the executives or leaders who are responsible for organisational goals, should regularly report on their progress in achieving goals and the status of their goals. Without this regular communication, it’s easy for managers and employees to set goals, document them on a form, then file them away and forget them until the next performance review/goal setting period.

  •       So what are the steps you need to take to make your employees more accountable?
  •       How can you set “SMART” targets for your Service Management’s programme?


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