“Bee Measured to Bee Better!”

Last week, one of my question was:

  • What can you then do ensure that the standards set are being followed?

There is so many ways now to measure Customer Service; the one  I want to talk about today is, Mystery Shopping.

I could say the Beekeepers, are some kind of Mystery Shoppers as they check the beehive regularly to ensure all processes are being done and Beekeepers, off course, manage colonies of bees in order to harvest their honey. Their job includes caring for the bees, maintaining and monitoring the Hive to promote optimal honey production.

But you may ask, what is a Mystery Shopper in the first place? Well a Mystery Shopper is someone who has been trained specifically to go, anonymously, into a shop, restaurant, cinema, any business really who has contact with customers (which in my eyes, is every businesses!!); for the purpose of observing and measuring customer service, product quality and the environment of the establishment in general.

Before performing a visit the Shoppers are given details about what is expected of them, and the full questionnaire which they will need to fill in. Having understood the full briefing,  the Shoppers will then serve as the eyes and ears for the clients.  After completing the visit, the Shoppers will submit their evaluation in a detailed report. Many Mystery Shopping companies publicise Mystery Shopping an easy and fun thing to do “Be paid to shop”, this is far from true. Being a Mystery Shopper requires many qualities and is certainly a serious business. They will need to have an eye for details, have a very good memory, be discreet and be able to write a detailed and objective report.

I am very lucky to have an amazing team of just over 60 shoppers, who are all professional, qualified and efficient. My team of shoppers can work within a retail, hospitality environment, call centres to the specific needs of financial services. The Mystery Shopping Provider Association (MSPA) offers Shoppers a certification; so if you are looking at becoming a Mystery Shopper, this is a great way for you to get qualified by our representative body. Here is the link http://www.mspa-eu.org/en/what-is-certification.html

  • So do you think you have got what it takes to be become a Mystery Shopper??
  • Where could you start your new job as a Mystery Shopper??
  • Why, as a business, you should use Mystery Shopping to improve your Customer Experience??

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