Celebrate Success “The Bee Way”

The worker bees fly out from the hive to survey where the nectar is most likely to be – this surveillance essentially tracks where the greatest proliferation of flowering plants might be. Once found, the bee takes a sample and heads back to the hive; on arrival she is met by her colleagues. The successful bee then does the Honey Bee “Waggle Dance” to broadcast and celebrate the findings and then takes the other worker bees to the patch discovered – the full might of the hive then descends to harvest the nectar.

When they arrive back into the hive all the bees then do a Group Honey Bee Waggle Dance, they celebrate together and the result is… off course… sweet, amazing honey.

Celebrating success is not only good for your business, but it is good for your employees and your customers. Celebrating small and big achievements creates sustainability in business growth, it gives oxygen to the life in the business. The benefits of celebrating success extend beyond that, celebrating success in your business can actually be good for the community, the island and also your own industry.

This week, we celebrated The 2013 St Helier Christmas Window Display Competition, a fun competition ran during the month of December, where the locals could vote for their favourite windows. We had over 1150 votes for 36 St Helier shops, all retailers were asked “to Dress to Impress” and don’t they just did that… The Judges said: “The standards this year has been the highest it is ever been. The attention to details, the story telling, the use of local scene, all windows were very imaginative, and the overall atmosphere in St Helier was was so inviting”. The judges had a hard choice to make when it came to the final decision and this year’s winners are:

  •      Small Business Window Display winner: Pretty Vacant
  •      Medium Business Window Display winner: Mothercare
  •      Large Business Window Display winner: Voisins

And last but not least, we also had a very Special The Christmas Shop Assistant which is Julie from All Good Gifts.

The Overall winner is Voisins, who wins this Competition for the third time running, the innovation and use of space was incredible and a real credit to all involved.

Recognizing your team’s effort will boost their energy, they will feel involved, they will be proud to be working for you and will definitely want to give more.

So how are you going to celebrate success with your team this year, after this extremely busy time of Christmas??

dancing bees

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