The Queen Bee has died… #Madiba

It would have been difficult this week NOT to talk about the death of South African Anti-Apartheid Hero, Nelson Mandela!

It really felt this week that the event was talked absolutely everywhere, his last words were twitted at the exact time of his death and he said: “Death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he consider to be his duty to his people and his country he can rest in peace #Madiba“.

I am sure that if any Queen Bee could speak, she would say the exact same words. Out of all of the thousands of bees that inhabit a typical colony, only the queen can reproduce, she is the heart and soul of the honeybee colony. The Queen is like the goddess: her life is committed to selfless service by being the reproductive center of the hive. Consequently, her death is a major event, and without a Queen the rest of the colony cannot survive.

Nelson’s Mandela’s death make me think about the Queen Bee’s death, I know that South Africa is going to survive after his death, but this man’s bravery and faith in his convictions enabled him to change the course of South Africa’s history. And just like The Queen Bee, he dedicated his whole life to others…

He was an inspiration for millions of South Africa but also for others who only knew him from afar he looked to live his message of continuing the struggle against social injustice and for human rights.

He fought for what most would agree was a moral cause, and paid a bitter personal price. He came through it unbroken in mind, in spirit and in compassion. Drawing on his morality, and personal stature, and using his remaining strength following a lifetime of struggle, he guided the nation in the spirit of being a father to all.

His life story, and his achievements, marks him as an outstanding figure of the 20th century.

What an incredible example this can be for any Business Leaders; to fight for your company and your employees, to become an inspiration for them and take them with them in the journey of success.

– Could you be the next Nelson Mandela or the next Richard Branson?

– What can you do today to inspire your employees?

– Why can’t you be a transformational leader?


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