Deploy your Bees efficiently to deliver Excellent Service

When you consider the chaos of the Beehive with thousands of bees coming in and out all the time; the honeybees know how much of which type of labour is required to supply the colony with the resources required to thrive. The bees are divided into specific jobs from nurses to foragers and they are always prepared to be flexible, and according to conditions the numbers in each position will be adjusted.

Organisations are under constant pressure to produce goods and services, of the right quality and the right price, as and when customers want them. This pressure can often mean that new ways of working have to be found to make the best use of staff and other resources.
I am sure you have read all the articles about Sunday trading here in Jersey, and it is very clear to me that many organisations such as the police station, fire station, hospital, taxi drivers and obviously the hospitality industry do not close their doors on Sunday

So how do businesses, who have to work on Sunday’s, manage their workforce??

Flexible patterns of work will help to address pressures by maximising the available labour and improving customer service.

Anticipating peak time is no doubt every managers’ biggest challenge. However, it’s important to consider all the factors that affect this because during busy times when there are not enough staff scheduled, both staff and customers suffer. Staff suffers because they are overworked and rushed, and the customers suffer by waiting longer or by not getting the best service.

Flexible working can also help to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity, employee commitment and loyalty. Anticipating volumes for key shifts and deploying staff in the right place at the right time, is crucial to deliver excellent customer service and drive repeat business to organisations.

Customers can now shop online 24/7, and I am sure that a vast number of our local community would rather “buy local”, so would a better planning and staff deployment help with the opening of the shops on Sundays’ and make St Helier a vibrant place to experience everyday of the week??


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