Don’t start with the Bee, start with the Why?

I attended an event last week with Ben Harvey, Head Coach and Director of Jersey Rugby, the title was “Success based on teamwork”. Ben started his talk with a presentation which they played to the players at the beginning of the season, and started with “Why do we do what we do??”, then “What do we do?” and finally “How do we do it?”

In the Beehive, working as a team isn’t an option, it is vital for survival; each has a role to play, free of personal agendas, each individual bee works closely and smoothly to achieve the common goal. However, without the leadership of The Queen bee, the rest of the colony cannot survive, she is the heart and soul of the Beehive.

Ben mentioned that leaders don’t have to have charisma to be great leaders. Instead leaders should trust their team, understand each individual strengths and weaknesses, not expect them to do something if they can’t do it themselves, let the team take the credit when they win and bring themselves to the forefront when they lose.

Simon Sinek very rightly says: the most effective leaders know that the recipe for success is WHY, HOW, WHAT. It’s the journey and the destination:

  •        WHY is the juice for the journey?
  •        HOW is your recipe for the journey?
  •        WHAT is the destination?

If you master your HOW, you can enjoy the journey, and you’ll be better prepared for any destination you set your eyes on; of course WHY will filter the destinations you choose.

So just like The Queen Bee, who raises the standards and promote positive culture; a great leader should be promote a Service Culture and altogether their passion for the “Why” will take them in the journey of success.

Why how what busy queen bee

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