Bee an Effective Communicator

Every decision we make in our life is a communication, it is our way to say who we are and what we believe, and it enables us not only to exchange information but also express our thoughts and feelings.

Honey Bees use a unique form of communication known as the “Waggle Dance” to inform others in the colony where there are good sources of nectar. Walking in a looping pattern and waggling their bodies, will inform other bees of the location and nature of the source of food; they will also even form cognitive maps of their surroundings, amazing!

Think about it …

  • How do great leaders motivate and inspire their people? through clear communication
  • How do the best businesses promote discipline, accountability and strategic alignment? through clear communication and,
  • How do you sell your products and services? with compelling clear ads and marketing campaigns, through clear communication

Because the things we say and do are symbols of whom we are, authenticity matters.

Communication is an essential attribute of human life, which is why we all spend most of our time either receiving or requesting for information or trying to send information to others. Lack of communication creates tensions and destroys personal and business relationships. The ability to exchange information or conversation with others is crucial to the success of organizations.

Effective communication is about ensuring that the information is well-packaged and properly transmitted, so that the recipient understands the message and responds positively.

In other words, effective communication is the one that achieves the results for which it is intended.

Communicating like a bee

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