When the trust emerges, magic happens!

In the Beehive everyone trusts each other, everyone has their role to play and they rely on each other to complete their job in the right order and the right time for the higher mission of the colony.

The definition of a colony is a group of people of one nationality or ethnic group living in a foreign city or country. So why do we trust someone belonging to our colony? Because they have common values and believes. When we are surrounded by people who believe what we believe, trust emerges then, magic happens!

Last June, I was celebrating my big 40… and 8 of us girls went to New York for a long weekend. There were millions of people from all cultures, from all countries. One evening, we went to a restaurant which was “The” top restaurant to go, after a few bottles of champagne, we were offered a complimentary drinks from the owner. I wanted to say thank you and got introduced to him. Very politely he asked where we were from, so I started to explain where Jersey was; a small island between England and France, trying to give him lots of details, he looked at me and said “Jersey?? Don’t you recognise me?? I apologised and said I didn’t, until he said his name for Jonathan Segal, owner of the Modern Hotels in Jersey. Well, neither of us could believe it, we were suddenly best friends!! He came and sat with us, bought us champagne and told everyone in the restaurant that we were from his island and within seconds we built a bond with him and trust was immediately installed.

Same when you go to work, you want to be surrounded with people who will help you, who will trust you and whom you will trust. Surround by people who will pick you up if you fall or just be there if you need to talk. A true service culture is a community of leaders at all levels, who embrace a service mind-set and build lasting relationships with customers and employees by creating a trusted environment.


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