What is your Bee’s Talent?

There are about 55,000 worker bees in a colony. When a bee is born its first job is to clean out the cell in which she was born. Jobs are firstly allocated on the basis of age; the bees will start by feeding the larvae, to producing wax to guard the hive and to finish by becoming forager bees that fly out of the hive to collect pollen, nectar and water.

Secondly, it has been demonstrated by scientists that bees are sensitive to taste, as well as odours and light, which make certain bees more fit to do a certain jobs. A flexible division of labour allows them to appropriately react to changes condition.

Everyone has special skills and talents that they bring to the table. The key is uncovering what those are for each member of your team; this will enable you to match people to a specific job which will suits their capabilities.

Off course, understanding what the rest of the Hive do is very important, just like the Bees who work their ways through the Hive depending on their ages. However, the reason for developing specialized skills and allowing your employees to use their strengths is to create a workforce more prepared to create and innovate, to open new markets, to find new ways to serve customers better or more efficiently.

Honeybees have the ability to deploy themselves in the right numbers, in the right way towards the success of the higher mission. How satisfying is it to have the right people, with the right skills and temperaments, working at the highest of their abilities, altogether towards the team’s success??

Does job specialization happen in your organisation? or do you have teams with mixture of talents which does not fulfil their potentials?

Is it time for you to get to know your employees better, to understand their capabilities and give them a chance to work in a position where they will excel and make a success for you…


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