Empower your bees…

Well Customer Service week is over but it doesn’t mean that we should, off course, stop caring about our customers every minute of the day.

Caring about our customers can only be possible if you let your employees just do that. You see for all of the honeybees’ wonderful abilities, they would not succeed if they failed to have the right proportion of workers deployed in the right jobs, or if they failed to mobilize them quickly. The Bee’s highly decentralized form of government allows the workers who are closest to the information to act upon it immediately and make the most of informed decisions.

The more decisions your employees are able to make of their own accord, the more productive everyone will be:

–          they will hold themselves accountable,

–          they will demonstrate a stronger work ethic,

–          they will treat the company as if it was their own,

–          they will make smart decisions that follow the company’s values and mission,

And last but not least, the biggest benefit of having empowered employees is the loyalty they will show the company. When they feel respected and valued, employees will be eager team members, dedicated to making a positive difference working together for the success of the company.


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