Protect the future, Protect the local economy!

Customer Service week is starting today, a reminder for us all of the importance of our Customers. Because Customers are, off course, the Blood streamline of any businesses, if there are no customers there is no business…           

The Queen Bee is like a goddess: her entire life is committed to be in full service of the Hive and her colony. And the realistically if the Honey Bees were not in service of our eco-system, and didn’t transfer pollen from flower to flower, we would have a difficult time growing fruit!

Everything that the bee does employs this orientation as the basis for its actions; what is done today is always in anticipation of tomorrow. Bees heavily invest in research and development, constantly on the lookout for the next best thing while taking in revenues from available sources.

Businesses need to invest in understanding their customers’ needs, to provide better services and Excellence in Customer Experience. They need to be thinking outside the box and being innovative to ensure their long term success and in the end contribute to a profitable local economy.

So what you are going to do today to thank your customers?? Perhaps offer him a free pay card or handshake or simply a smile and a thank you!!

I have something in mind, have you??

bee and food 1

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