Why the Beehive??

I have decided to start this blog by talking about the Bees’ incredible efficient work ethic and by looking at how it relates to Customer Experience, Mystery Shopping, Market Research and Training … The Four Pillars of Successful Customer Centric Businesses. 

Bees have been revered by past generations, who saw in the life of the hive virtues that were worthy of importing into our own society. From the early scribblings of cave dwellers, through to the creation stories of the Egyptians and Greeks, to the coats of arms of the middle Ages adorned with the courageous bee, the bee has been a divine emissary of the sacred and profound.

In fact, through the millennia, bees at one time or another have come to symbolize power, health, immortality, wisdom, valour, eloquence, and plenty.

These ready associations were not lost on demagogues such as Napoléon, who, when crowned emperor in 1804, dispensed with the traditional imperial garb in favour of a bee-studded coronation robe. However, his vision of the hive—and for his reign—was not one of community and democracy. Napoléon was seizing the grandeur of the bee for his own ends, and slyly legitimizing the occasion of his crowning—as in the hive, that there would be a monarch over all.

The hive behaves like a miniature but incredibly successful business; they are an inspirational, ever-present reminder of the natural possibilities of organizational excellence and the Queen Bee raises the standards, promoting a positive culture with a strong leadership.

This blog will guide you through the analogy of the Beehive and show you the power of working together to provide excellent Customer Service.  Everyone plays their role in contributing to the ‘Higher Mission’ to become a successful Customer Centric Business!!

The Beehive illustration

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