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Inspiring businesses to evolve by giving them the “Buzz” to connect, share, and deliver efficient & amazing services.


Become Director of your own Hive and “bee”come part of The Busy Queen Bee beehive community around the world.

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The Busy Beehive Blog

Check out our blogs we take a look at everything “Customer Service”, invite Guest Bloggers and give you updates on what’s happening out there.

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Thrive with The Hive

Fancy a good book… Make sure you download The Busy Queen Bee’s book, Thrive with the Hive, 418 pages to help you delivering even better services.

Thrive with The Hive, “a practical guide to service excellence with lessons from nature’s most powerful business organisation – The Beehive”.

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Special Offers

Check out our monthly offers, and gain even more values from our services.

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