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Senses and Sales

You will be amazed to know that bees can see, count, recognize faces and shapes, are responsive to wide range of colours and odours, and despite having a brain the size of a grass seed they have an incredible cognitive abilities. Our five senses are affected physiologically by everything in our path, we enhance the quality


SPECIAL OFFER CX Practitioner Certification Online Training Course

BECOME A CX PRO... Customer Experience Practitioner Certification Online Training Course LAUNCH OFFER 30% discount You may be an individual looking to develop your own career or become a CX expert yourself? Or perhaps you are a company who is looking at developing their CX team and practice The BQB CX Method™ in house, or


CONNECT WITH 19 BUSINESSES IN 60 MINUTES Grow your business by growing your local network; from lead generation, to breaking down barriers, or developing future collaborations. Speed Buzzing will help you to really connect then build and nurture relationships with the right people. Don’t be afraid, we will

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EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEY SPECIAL OFFER Employee satisfaction surveys provide you with the knowledge and tools to build positive employee relations and a positive work environment. Employee attitudes, burnout tendencies, passion factors, loyalty, workplace climate and competitive intelligence are key indicators for employee retention, satisfaction and productivity. Properly constructed employee satisfaction surveys provide the insights that

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Put an end to stress, under-performance and chaos in your workplace.

Put an end to stress, under-performance and chaos in your workplace. I discovered Feng Shui about seven years ago; Rachel Elnaugh, the former Dragons Den star and entrepreneur was invited to Jersey as guest speaker at the ICSA Jersey Awards Dinner, and I had the great pleasure of picking her up from the airport.

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NPS v/s Mystery Shopping

Net Promoter Score (NPS)  is a consumer insight.  It measures customer loyalty and where your business stands vis-à-vis your competitor.  It is based on a single or a couple of  questions, What are the chances that you will recommend this business to your friend?" Respondents, while calculating the NPS, are grouped as follows: Promoters,

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Thriving by Caring – NEW BOOK

Thriving by Caring 10 business leadership principles for exponential growth in the 21st Century through a Caring Service Culture. It was 2 years ago when I published Thrive with The Hive, and almost 3 years in the making. I guess I procrastinated a little, or a lot, I wasn’t sure where to start and

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Customer Service Week 2018

I know, I know, we shouldn't wait for Customer Service Week to celebrate customers, but hey, it's a good excuse to make even more of a fuzz to your customers. So, what have you got plan for #CSWeek2018?? You and I know that there is an incredible change in customers’ expectations, whether you are

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Évaluer en étant attentionné : Pourquoi ?

Parce que vous ne pouvez pas gérer ce que vous ne mesurez pas. C'est un vieil adage de gestion qui est toujours très précis et utilisé aujourd'hui. A moins que vous évaluiez quelque chose vous ne saurez pas si c'est mieux ou pire, vous ne pourrez pas gérer son amélioration, vous ne pourrez pas

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Caring for your employees so they can care for your customers

A lot has happened this summer and my Mumbai Franchisee had been offered to create an Customer Service Institute out there and therefore I thought if I am going to do it out there I may as well do it here... You and I know that happy employees will increase their performances resulting in

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