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assessing-caring-customer-experienceAssessing your customers and employees is now widely recognised as a vital input to any strategy for customer-focused business performance improvement.

Understanding customers is the key to giving them an exceptional experience. To give good customer care you must deliver what you promise. But an exceptional customer experience involves getting to know your customers so well that not only do you meet your customers’ expectations but you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.

To understand your customers’ needs, your employees need to have extremely good communication skills; listening, connecting, asking the right questions at the right time is all part of the caring sales process.

By building a rapport with your customers, being genuinely interested in their needs, and what’s in it for them, not you, they will reward you with their custom and loyalty.

Satisfying employees could be described as a company’s ability to generate genuine teamwork among all departments in the organisation and the need to improve processes, responsiveness and reduce overheads is focusing management attention on the major internal business functions, such as sales, marketing, credit and receivables, manufacturing, distribution, packing and shipping, quality, production planning, etc.; and to instill in every individual the constant awareness that customer service is everyone’s business.
It is important to measure and understand what your employees tell others, about why your business is a great place to work, because there is a direct correlation between employee advocacy and customer advocacy.

Data collection must then lead to prompt action: event-driven assessments owned by empowered teams of service providers can help achieve this. Such a fast cycle satisfaction assessment or improvement process will not happen spontaneously: selling, training, culture change and management leadership are needed to embed action-oriented customer-satisfaction assessment.

With the right knowledge about your employees and your customers, you can work on strengthening their satisfaction and increase their loyalty.

Bringing a more Caring energy into Assessing their needs means that you, business leaders, need to take the time to listen, have more compassion and increase your receptiveness by creating opportunities for honest feedback from your stakeholders, so you can take the necessary measure to implant changes which will benefit the company as a whole.

An effective, regular and caring assessment can have a significant impact on the bottom line.claire-global-guru-customer-service

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