Why we do what we do?


Because we love to inspire businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional experiences and services consistently. Improving their employee’s performances and increasing their customer loyalty.

However, our much bigger vision is, just like the bees who dedicate every seconds of their 150 days’ life to collecting pollen for the greater good of the hive moreso for the greater good of our ecosystem, and makes all life on the planet possible, to inspire businesses to genuinely care about their environment, their people and their customers. If we can bring more care into our businesses, just like the bees, we will create thriving businesses, with happy employees, happy customers. And so the local economy will thrive too…


By putting the employees and the customers in the middle of everything you do:
  • “BEE”ing totally Employee and Customer Centric; inspiring businesses to create strong relationships with your internal and external customers, and facilitating change in businesses towards a real caring service culture
By bringing a more care into your business at an emotional level, ultimately building a sustainable service culture:
  • “BEE”ing more compassionate with better communication, in caring, supporting and engaging with your employees
  • “BEE”ing more positive by nurturing, valuing and guiding your customers through their journey in a creative and inspiring way


“There is no secret, if you take care of your employees they will take care of your customers. And if you look after your customers before, during and after, they will buy from you, return to you and most of all they will recommend you”

Mystery Shopping

Measuring your customer service to celebrate success, to identify your gaps and increase your customers’ satisfaction

Customer Experience

Transforming your business by understanding your customer journey and developing your own customer service standards

License Opportunity

Becoming a Mystery Shopping or CX Expert in your country by working hand-in-hand with The Busy Queen Bee

Customer Insight

Listening and understanding your Employees and Customers’ needs and satisfaction is key to a thriving business

Customer Service Training

Giving employees and managers the tools to actually deliver exceptional customer service consistently

Customer Service Support

Outsourcing experts to help you run your business more effectively and efficiently, saving you time and money

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